1. Fully Experienced Teaching Team >>
BLCC has a team of professional teachers passionate about Chinese education and familiar with the characteristics of overseas students. There are 86 full-time teachers in the college, and 80% of them have 1 to 3 years’ experience of teaching Chinese abroad.

2. Various Courses >>
Besides of the various non-degree, foundation and degree programs, BLCC provide lots of elective courses including intensive vocabulary, business Chinese, declamation of Chinese, selected Chinese classics, selection of Analects of Confucius, TV Chinese, contemporary China, Chinese Traditional Medicine and Chinese culture, Chinese painting, Chinese calligraphy, seal cutting, photography, flute playing, martial arts, dancing, basketball, football and badminton etc.


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3. Flexible Enrollment Time and Study Duration >>
For all the non-degree programs (including short term programs), students can choose their enrollment time and study duration freely.

4. Regular Study Tours >>
Students will have a study tour in Beijing every two weeks to visit scenic spots and historical sites including the Imperial Palace, Great Wall and Summer Palace etc. And they will have a study tour in China each semester to visit famous scenic spots in Mid-China, Eastern China, Central China or Northeastern China etc.

5. Affordable Fees
Students only need to pay ¥18090 for the registration, tuition, accommodation, study tours and insurance for one semester. It is generally understood that BLCC possibly provides the most cost-competitive programs and services for Chinese learning students in China, not to mention the extra special welfare and scholarships given to BLCC’s students.

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6. Special Welfare >>
BLCC offers special welfare to students including ¥20/day buffet, ¥1/time swimming, ¥15/time haircutting, ¥60/time massage, free first-time airport pick-up and free purified water etc.

7. Attractive Scholarships & Grants
BLCC offers attractive scholarships and grants to encourage and support students to finish their studies. Each semester, we have Freshman Scholarship up to ¥9600; Scholarship for the non-degree up to ¥7000; Scholarship for the college-degree up to ¥5000; Maintenance grant up to ¥6000.

8. Colorful Student Activities
BLCC organizes colorful student activities each semester including academic activities like Pinyin contest, vocabulary competition, speech contest and composition show etc. and recreational and sports activities like mid-autumn party, Christmas party, photography competition, Chinese karaoke, rope skipping, tug of war and table tennis etc.

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9. Thoughtful Teaching and Living Services >>
Each week, BLCC regularly gives evening after-class tutoring service to students. We also offer thoughtful living services including first-time pick-up, campus WIFI, buffet, haircutting, massage, movie playing, public kitchen and purified water etc.

10. Top Facilities
In BLCC, you can find every first-rate learning and living facilities much beyond your imagination. Those include highly-equipped and friendly classroom, hotel-standard dormitory (double/single room, international cable TV, private washing room with 24 hour hot water, closet, kitchen, and laundry room), library, movie theater, Chinese culture museum, swimming building, gym, fitness center, campus-wide WIFI, convenient store and clinic etc.

11. Comfortable and Well-equipped Dormitory >>
The dormitory of BLCC is well designed and maintained throughout the years since it was built, ensuring students who study at BLCC to enjoy a comfortable living environment. Each room has its own private washroom, television to keep students informed of what is happening outside BLCC, own telephone lines, Wi-Fi/Internet access, electric water heater, sturdy beds, study tables, sofa, wide inbuilt closets and shelves for the students’ personal things and books.

Dormitory buildings are equipped with a centralized air filtration unit, a centralized water heater unit and also a centralized air cooler and heater that automatically changes depending on the weather. Each floor level has its own public kitchen, a water filter machine and emergency fire extinguishers. 24/7 CCTV cameras capture every event that happens in the dormitory hallways, exit/entrance ways to ensure the safety of the students and for documentation of certain unwanted events. Smoke detectors and emergency water sprinklers are in every room to prevent any fire outbreaks.


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