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Shopping at outdoor markets remains a not-to-be-missed experience for foreign travelers. As the capital city of the Five Dynasties of China, Beijing has a history of over thousands of years. Beijing has several shopping districts offering a mind-boggling variety of goods.


The Silk Street (秀水街) is a seven story building which has everything included. Just as its name, the Silk Street is full of the beautiful silk products (pyjamas, robes, shirts, scarves and so on )as well as the textiles (cashmere scarves, clothes of all types, tableclothes, etc.), and handcrafts. Besides of these, the Silk Street has much more than just silk. The new Silk Street have introduced traditional Chinese handicrafts, antiques, calligraphy, carpets, table cloths, bed coverings, paintings, hand-knit dresses, toys, electronic gadgets, trinkets, and fine jewelry. Everything here can be had cheaper than at any of the stores in the city, but remember to make the bargain for it.

With its growing popularity, it is now regarded as one of the symbols of Beijing together with the Great Wall, the Summer Palace, and roast duck. Many foreign visitors, including some celebrities, enjoy Silk Street for shopping or having their clothes tailor-made. The former president of the US, George Bush, once went there with his daughter to buy some silk robes, and the wife of Jacques Rogge (8th President of the International Olympic Committee) also went there to buy traditional Chinese dough figurines.

Address: No. 8 East Xiushui Street, Chaoyang District
Opening hour: 9:30 ~ 21:00


Lying 1.2 miles (2 kilometer) west of Tiananmen Square, Xidan Commercial Street is one of three traditional business quarters in Beijing, enjoying the equal fame with Wangfujing and Dashilar streets. With a total length of 3.4 miles (5.4 kilometers), it starts from Xuanwumen Gate in the south and stretches to Xinjiekou crossing in the north. The history of the commercial street can be traced back to the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). At that time, it was an essential crossing leading to the downtown area from southwest of the suburban area. Since then, this area has blossomed as a commercial center in the western part of Beijing. Nowadays, the North Street of the commercial quarter is the most prosperous section of the whole commercial quarter, with many shopping malls, department stores, restaurants and entertainment centers scattered around. As is youth and fashion themed, it attracts numerous young people to gather here. Here enumerate some popular sites that visitors are expected to reach.

大悦城 Joy City 
Joy City is a large international shopping mall. Since it began operation in 2007, the mall has been the best destination for fashion and pop shopping. A number of world-famous brands gather inside the mall, which provides visitors the latest fashion products. Meanwhile, inside the mall, people are able to enjoy the delicious food in differently-themed restaurants and watch movie in the largest cinema of China.
Opening Hours: 10:00-22:00

君太百货 Grand Pacific Mall
Grand Pacific Mall is eight-storied. Floor 1- 7 are mainly shopping sites, and B1 is a dinning zone providing delicious food. On the floor 1 and 2 mainly sell world famous branded cosmetics, gold jewelry and watches. Clothes, handbags, shoes and ornaments for girls can be purchased on the floor 3, 4 and 5. Floor 6 mainly serves men’s suits, ties, shoes, belts and watches; office supplies also can be found here. If visitors want to buy sports products, they should go to Floor 7, where various branded clothes and shoes are sold.
Opening Hours: 10:00 – 22:00

北京图书大厦 Beijing Books Building
Enjoying the reputation of the first book city in China, Beijing Books Building is the largest store retailing original books of different languages. The books on society and science are gathered on the first floor. The floor 2 mainly has books on the literature and art and books for kids. Educational books and audio-visual products are stored on the third floor.
Opening Hours: 09:00-21:00

屈臣氏 Watsons (Xidan Branch) 
Watsons is a chain shop for cosmetics and personal products. There are many branches of Watsons scattered around Beijing. 
Address: 1/F, Xidan Friendship Store, No.109, Xidan Bei Dajie, Xicheng District


Now, supermarkets are very popular around the country. There are many big supermarkets in Beijing and some of them are chain stores. Your eyes will be dazzled by the great variety of goods in different brands and you can have more choice. Furthermore, they sell good-quality products which are much cheaper than other shopping centers in most cases. Commonly, food, commodities, clothes, books and electrical household appliances are all available and credit cards are welcome. These are some well received supermarkets in Beijing:

Wal-mart Supercenter (Zhichunlu Branch)
Opening Hours: 07:00 - 22:00
Address: B1-2/F, A48, Zhichun Lu, Haidian District

家乐福 Carrefour (Zhongguancun Plaza Branch) 
It is one of the largest brands in China. The branches are scattered around Beijing. Some of the branches offer Free Carrefour Shuttle Bus to convenient the customers.
Opening Hours: 8:30 - 22:00
Address: Zhongguancun Plaza, Haidian District

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